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Billbitcoins offers white label bitcoin and crypto payment gateway for accepting crypto payments

With Billbitcoins as a Partner, You Can

Have your own fully-branded payment processor

Get pay now buttons as well as in-built integration to top shopping carts

Get cryptocurrency invoice as well as merchant account management

Have payment dispute management, ticketing and everything a payment processor in the paypal world would offer

Offer your white label cryptocurrency payment gateway to merchants or merchant acquirers who already have a network of merchant in a revenue share model

Accept payments in other popular Cryptocurrencies, ie., Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and HCX

White Label Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Features

Greater Reliability

Useful for Wallet Checks
Identifies Suspicious Transactions
Monitors transfer of cryptocurrencies
Helpful for beginners

Abundant Tools and Interfaces

Helpful in developing online tools
Convenient assistance and technical support
Modular approach to solutions
Save precious time

Supports Better Customer Retention

24X7 Support
Fulfills demands of different customers
Increase customer loyalty
Improves response to client’s needs

High Level Security

Protects anonymity
Secures customer’s data
Enhances accuracy
Evaluates existing and potential risks

Quick Borderless Transactions

Supports many cryptocurrencies
Reduces volatility risk
Accept payments from anywhere in the world
Receive funds instantly without much crypto knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for White Label Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

A white label crypto payment gateway enables businesses to accept digital payments and receive fiat money in exchange. It acts as a transaction facilitator between customers and merchants or companies for processing transactions. 

When a customer uses cryptocurrency to buy things, they begin the transaction by sending the funds to the specified address generated by the crypto payment gateway. Then the gateway authenticates the transaction and turns the cryptocurrency into the company/merchant’s chosen fiat currency. In the end, the fiat funds are remitted to the bank account of the company/merchant.

By using crypto gateways, users can benefit because of lower transaction costs, instant borderless transactions, and advanced security systems. Users can also gain a huge market because of increased revenue. Anonymity is another major notable benefit along with fewer intermediaries.

White label supports major payment networks including American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. It also offers digital wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.

White-label crypto payment gateways provide safety and give top priority to compliance and security. Many are equipped to deal with fraud and risky transactions.

Application Programming Interface (API) is a customized module. White label is a SaaS model and is a ready-made solution for businesses.

API integration allows additional features according to the needs of the clients. A white label allows clients to use the platform irrespective of choices. 

API integration is very expensive. A white-label solution is a lot cheaper.

A white-label crypto payment gateway setup time may take a few days depending upon documentation and integration.

White Label Bitcoin Payment Gateway