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How does Billbitcoins the Crypto Payment Processor Works?

Why Bitcoin

Accepting Payments

Bank Settlement

Account Features

Why Should Companies Accept Digital Payments through Crypto

Fast Cross-border Transactions

  • Transactions take just a few minutes
  • Helps Small, Medium and Large Businesses
  • Eases Import and Export of Goods

No Intermediaries Required

  • Eliminates role of third parties
  • Payment directly reaches the merchant
  • Saves high transaction costs

Quick Peer-To-Peer Transactions

  • Directly receive payments from customers
  • Integrates decentralized payment gateway
  • Suitable for merchants, retailers, and businessmen

Suitable for merchants, retailers, and businessmen

  • Convert coins into fiat at any time
  • Avail live price charts on platform
  • Streamlines workflow
crypto payment processor
Easy Integration

Easy Integration and OS Compatibility

  • Crypto plugins are easily integrable
  • Fully compatible with different OS like Windows, iOS, and Android
  • No need for separate configurations

Auto Settlement Features

  • Instant Conversion of Cryptos into Fiat Currencies and Stable Coins
  • USD, USDT, TUSD and USDC can be integrated
  • Supports wide range of mainstream currencies

Beneficial API Features

  • Deep Insights Into Market Data
  • Superior Portfolio Management
  • PNG/Transperant Image

How to Set up a Crypto Payment Processor on my Website?


Prepare A Roadmap For Payment Gateway

1. Analyze the vital information and facts carefully.
2. Create a plan to supervise the development process.
3. This will help in knowing exchange development cost.
4. Customize according to your needs


Add Some Smart Features

1. Add KYC Verification tab such that users can verify themselves.
2. User Registration features such as Contact no. and Email are crucial.
3. Integrate Wallets for secured transfers.
4. Admin Dashboard and Merchant Tools are a must


Create a Tech Stack

1. Prepare a budget for Tech Stack.
2. A Tech Stack will contain different sets of tools.
3. Utilities, Business Tools, DevOps form a Tech Stack.
4. Helps in earning sales in time.


Make a Unique Interface

1. Create a good design to gain user’s attention.
2. An appealing design can increase brand recognition.
3. Helps in standing out in tough competition.
4. Must look identical in both mobile and computers.


Test The Crypto Payment Processor

1. In-depth testing is a must.
2. Check the accuracy of the gateway.
3. Identify bugs and errors and remove them.
4. Consult a developer in case of any doubts


Release Crypto Payment Processor

1. Launch the gateway after successful testing.
2. Look for the most compatible platforms.
3. No technical glitches should be there.
4. Utilize the gateway for business purposes