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Why Bitcoin

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Accepting Payments Billbitcoins

Accepting Payments

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Bank Settlement Billbitcoins

Bank Settlement

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Account Features Billbitcoins

Account Features

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:: User Interface ::

Direct Deposits to your bank accounts

We deposit payments directly to your bank accounts thus insulating you from volatility of complexity of bitcoins

Encrypted APIs for security

Our APIs are encrypted and easy to integrate with your platform

Merchant Account Interface

Real Time dashboard and interface to track sales, monitor payouts, handle customer redressals and manage refunds

Great Exchange Rates

We integrate with the most stable exchanges to provide the best conversion rates

Ticketing System

Free of charge ticketing system for customer complaints and redressals

Easy Refunds

Refund your customer payments at the click of a button

URI and QR code

Provide click-to-pay and scan-to-pay options to customers for faster error free bitcoin payments

Platform Integration

We integrate with over 20 popular e-commerce platforms so you can start accepting payments without major modifications

Two-Factor Authentication

Your account interface is protected through double verification during log in

Cross Wallet compatibility

Our wallets work with all bitcoin wallets. No extra accounting is required

On-the-go Access through Mobile App

You can now access your payment metrics dashboard any time using our Mobile App

Get notified on payments

You receive a notification for every payment confirmation through E-mail,over mobile and on your server

Payment Protocol Implemented

We implement major BIP Payment protocol BIP 70 and 73 for payments

Underpaid and Overpaid Payments

Manually handle faulty payments or automate them for productivity

Multiple User Access

Multiple user access the Merchant Account Interface through secure role based access

:: Payments ::

Buy Now and Pay Now button

You can get started simply by entering the relevant details and copying the code to your website

Shopping Cart Integration

We integrate with over 20 popular shopping carts so you can seamlessly accept bitcoins on your existing website

Hosted Integration

Accept bitcoins using your existing payment partners

Customize Invoices

Custom checkout descriptions, redirect page and invoice design

Email Invoicing

Send recurring or one time email bills for bitcoin payments


Payment solutions for accepting bitcoin donations and collecting supporter information

:: Support ::

Technical Documentation

Proper documentation to help you integrate with Billbitcoins and understand the end to end process

24X7 Online Support

Reach us at our technical helpline number or over email for support at any time of the day.

:: Platform ::

Custom Transaction Speed Setting Options

Choose from a range of options for your security and confirmation speed preferences.

11 Open Source Libraries and SDKs for Custom Integration

Use publicly auditable and versatile code for your custom integrations with the BillBitcoins API.

Invoicing in 40 Languages

Accommodate global customers with invoices in all major languages.

National Currency Settlement

Receive payouts for every transaction in any of eight national currencies or bitcoin, or opt for a mix.

Mobile Optimization

Access your merchant dashboard tools easily and effectively on mobile web browsers.

:: Retail ::

Mobile Point of Sale App

Accept bitcoin on phones or tablets with Bitcoin Checkout for iOS and Android.

Multiple User Capability

Add multiple users to Bitcoin Checkout or enable your cashiers and servers to accept bitcoin to your account on their own phones.

Web-Based Checkout

No app, no problem. Access responsive retail invoices via the web browser on laptops, phones, and desktops.

Gratuity Options

Let customers select from set tip percentages or choose their own custom tip amounts.

Direct POS Integrations

Accept bitcoin natively in your point of sale software.

Get started with Billbitcoins



  • $100 daily
  • Upto $1000 daily after background verification
  • 30 Free transactions in a month
  • Basic Merchant Account Interface


1% transaction fee

  • Upto $10,000 daily
  • Unlimited transaction
  • Fully functional MAI with refunds and report generation


Custom plans

  • Greater than $10,000 daily
  • Personal Tech support
  • Fully functional MAI